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Delivery in 2-3 days throughout Italy

For a special occasion you need a unique dress.

The classy man has a very specific idea in his head of what he wants: whether it is a suit for a ceremony, a gala evening, or a work suit, he must express his personality down to the last detail.

In the Atelier, Ulysses' tailoring laboratory, we put our skills at the service of your idea, helping you translate it into a reality made of thread and fabric.

The garment you wanted: now it enhances you, fits like a glove.

The Atelier is not just making clothes from scratch. Our goal is to ensure that you leave the store satisfied that you have found the right item for you. For this reason we also carry out tailoring modifications on ready-made garments on the shelves, to adapt them according to your taste and your needs.

Shall we make an appointment at the tailor's shop?

Write us a message indicating the day and time you wish to make an appointment, and some brief information on the work (type of garment, occasion of use, material, etc.).