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Delivery in 2-3 days throughout Italy

A shop that has dressed generations

The best that men's fashion has to offer.

The living room of style

Giving the right style solution for every man, helping him find the right garment for him, at the right time.

Ulysses is much more than a clothing store: a lounge, a club, a place where you can unwind and relax, with the certainty of being in good hands. Each customer is followed carefully, given the best advice based on their wishes, and leaves satisfied.

All the souls of Ulysses.

Walking along Corso Garibaldi, one of the main streets in the center of Pordenone, you come across Ulysses. Two nearby rooms, overlooking each other, separated only by a side street: on one side we present our idea of ​​elegant style, on the other we offer our interpretation of the latest casual trends. But in reality they are two souls of the same shop, ready to fulfill customers' every wish. To crown it all there is the Atelier, Ulysses' tailoring laboratory: because the elegant man knows no other size other than "made to measure".

Ulysses Elegance

Stefano discovered Ulysses when he was a teenager,
and he fell in love with her at first sight, so much so that he immediately proposed
to work on weekends and holidays.

Always ready to welcome
guests with a smile, knows how to find
the right garment for every occasion
and its mission is very clear:
Don't let a customer walk away
go dissatisfied.

Ulysses Casual

Mattia started as a sales assistant when he was very young and, like Stefano, he has never left since then.
Both have been dedicating all their courtesy and professionalism for years
and their style to the boutique's customers.

Mattia likes to pose almost as
a friend to customers, dispensing
his style advice in an atmosphere
friendly and relaxed, where serenity
it's always first place.